An Evening With BK Shivani

Fast Forward to New Possibilities | 6pm-8pm

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An Evening With BK Shivani

Fast Forward to New Possibilities | 6pm-8pm

presented by Brahma Kumaris (UK)

Eagles are performing at Wembley Stadium with a 5pm start on Sunday, therefore we advise you to arrive early to avoid congestion within the area, parking will also be limited so we would recommend you book early or use public transport if you can and walk to local stations to avoid queuing.

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  • Start 6:00pm
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Fast Forward to New Possibilities

Modern day life is full of pressures and challenges but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  Maybe there's a simple way to 'fast forward' to a place where I can feel an inner calm and actually rise above all that’s going on around me…a space from where I can see amazing solutions instead of feeling like I’m going round and round on an endless loop.


When I change, my world changes” (BK Shivani)


BK Shivani, a very modern face of India's ancient Raja Yoga, is coming to the UK for the start of her 'Awakening' European Tour.  For the past 12 years, her hit TV talk show in India has increasingly found an audience in countries right around the world, leading to live tours of packed out venues in major cities on all five continents. There was nothing planned about her meteoric rise to international fame.  In fact, there's no-one more surprised than BK Shivani herself.


In 1996, as a young wife and gold medallist graduate in engineering, BK Shivani began practising and teaching Raja Yoga with the Brahma Kumaris, a global network with a presence throughout the UK and Europe.  Drawing on the many insights gained from her study of this form of yoga – a ‘yoga of the mind’ - she discovered a gift for translating the wisdom of these teachings into something very practical and relevant for today’s world. This led to her being asked to host the TV talk show, ‘Awakening with Brahma Kumaris' in 2007. The show became a runaway success – first in India and now in countries around the world - covering everything from how to improve relationships, be better parents, to leading happier, more fulfilled lives. Her unique blend of wit and wisdom and refreshing style are proving to be a much needed tonic for anyone whose spirits are in need of lifting. 


Her huge achievement in becoming a young woman of inspiration to people of all ages and walks of life was recognised on International Women’s Day this year by the Government of India who awarded BK Shivani the highest civilian honour for women in India - the Nari Shakti (‘Woman Power’) Award. 


Her TV show and her social media following of almost 4 million (YouTube and Facebook) means she is in demand as a speaker around the world.  Her book Happiness Unlimited was a No.1 bestseller on Amazon India, Religion section.


BK Shivani arrives in London on June 17th to begin her tour of 13 European cities over the following 19 days, including three dates in the UK – Leicester, London and Manchester.

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