Ehrlich Brothers



German magic sensations, The Ehrlich Brothers, are set to bring their ground-breaking illusion show to the UK for the first time in 2019.  The spectacular show features mind-blowing illusions and incredible magic tricks where only seeing is believing! 

With their sensational shows Andreas and Chris Ehrlich, are taking magic into a new era. Think magic is old-fashioned and stands for a rabbit out of a hat? Think again! Whether it is bending tons of railway tracks into the shape of a heart, growing an orange tree from a seed, or transforming a toy car into a real monster truck, the Ehrlich Brothers perform what is completely inexplicable to the spectator. Using a perfect mixture of elaborate illusions, sleight of hand, energy and charm, the Brothers’ have created a unique spectacle that crosses generations and is enjoyed by the whole family. Their performances have wowed over 2 million fans in Germany, making them bigger than Madonna and Justin Bieber in overall tickets sales! They are the only magicians world-wide to have ever filled an entire football stadium, breaking two world records along the way!

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