The World's Strongest Man Arena Tour

Giants Live Wembley

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The World's Strongest Man Arena Tour

Giants Live Wembley

The Who are performing at Wembley Stadium on this day with turnstiles opening at 3pm, support acts from 3.40pm and The Who at 8pm, therefore we advise you to arrive early to avoid congestion within the area, parking will also be limited so we would recommend you book early or use public transport if you can and walk to local stations to avoid queuing.


Timings (approximate and subject to change):

  • Doors: 4pm
  • Event Start: 5pm



The World's Strongest Men battle it out over 5 trials of strength in a one-night high octane strength challenge and includes arguably the strongest man ever - 450lbs/33 stones in weight and standing 6’8” tall is the American 4 x World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw. 

Kicking off the show is a legendary showdown in the World Deadlift Championships (Event 1 of 5), The World's  best deadlifters  join the filed of men and gun to beat EDDIE‘THE BEAST’ HALL’s   Deadlift World Record of 500kg. Hall is a special MC on the night with other WSM Champions - Bill Kazmaier and Magnus Ver Magnusson - helping spice things up with a face-off in the "Giants Live Legends Challenge”. The two former World Champions go head to head in a grudge match on the Hercules Hold. 



  • Brian Shaw                        USA -  4x World's Strongest Man
  • Mateusz Kieliszkowski       POL - World Tour Finals Champion
  • Mark Felix                        ENG - Hercules Hold World Record Holder
  • Larry Wheels                  USA - World Record Holder in Powerlifting
  • Iron Biby                            (Burkina Faso) -  Log Lift World Champion 
  • Laurence Shahlaei         ENG - Europe’s Strongest Man 2016
  • Adam Bishop                    ENG - 2nd at Britain’s Strongest man 2019
  • Tom Stoltman                 SCO - Scotland’s Strongest Man
  • Luke Stoltman                  SCO - 4x Scotland’s Strongest Man
  • Mikhail Shivlyakov         RUS - Russia’s Strongest Man 
  • Konstantine Janashia       GEO - Georgia’s Strongest Man 
  • Rauno Heinla                  EST - Estonia’s Strongest Man
  • Jerry Pritchett                   USA - Former Record holder in Deadlift

GUESTS at World Deadlift Championship:

  • Benedikt Magnússon         ISL - World Record Holder in Deadlift 
  • Nedzmin Ambeskovic        Bosnia/Sweden - a Deadlift Specialist.

 This is an extreme sport and occasional injuries stop athletes form competing. However, all named athletes are signed to compete.

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