Gurdas Maan

Event Date

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Gurdas Maan

Timings (approximate and subject to change):

  • Foyer open 6:00pm
  • Doors to building/Auditorium 7:00pm
  • Start 8:00pm
  • Interval 9:30pm - length TBC
  • Finish 11:00pm


Kirpan Information for the Sikh Community

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Road Closure:

Fulton Road (Wembley) will be closed to vehicular traffic from 08 July - 09 August 2019, to allow for the safe installation of the new permanent pedestrian crossing at the junction of Fulton Road and Olympic Way. It is expected that traffic in the area will increase, particularly at peak times. 



Legendary singer-songwriter, Gurdas Maan, returns to the UK this summer in what is set to be yet another sell-out arena tour.


Globally renowned for his inspirational lyrics and enthralling stage presence, Maan has been entertaining UK fans for four decades. Maan’s instantly-recognisable persona and musical prowess will once again grace the capital in the sizzling summer heat on Saturday 13th July!


Branded as “One legend for all generations”, the tour is scheduled to be a series of shows inclusive of all. From great grandparents to the youngest of Maan fans, Gurdas Maan UK Tour 2019 is set bring everyone together.


So, get your tickets now and reserve your seats to witness the icon in full form.

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