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The three colors of life – Husn, Jawaani, te Maape, may have started their poetic and conceptual journey as a part of the soundtrack of the unprecedented Punjabi blockbuster film “Dil Apna Punjabi”, but those words quickly became a part of Punjabi folklore, as they closely and profoundly resonated with the truth and beauty of human life.

Inspired by those words is a heartfelt, mesmerizing, and an electrifying original concept that is the foundation and theme of Harbhajan Mann’s exclusive Tin Rang: The World Tour, a musical stage performance concert tour which will begin in England in 2018.

In an innovative, first of its kind concert, audiences will be presented with three unique and unforgettable segments live; capturing the essence of all the emotions that encompass the Tin Rang.

On his 25 year musical and cinematic journey, Harbhajan Mann has stood the test and pressures of time, and an ever changing entertainment industry, standing his ground to provide clean, wholesome and heartfelt Punjabi entertainment. On dire occasions, he took historic risks so that the Punjabi film industry could be revived, and be respected. His passion and adoration for his music and language has now inspired the inception of this one of a kind Punjabi World Tour.

Harbhajan Mann and Team HM Worldwide are delighted to welcome you. 

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