Joker Xue

Event Date

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Joker Xue


  • Foyer open 5:30pm
  • Doors to building/Auditorium (seated) 6:30pm
  • Main Act 8:00pm
  • Finish 11:00pm


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Joker Xue "Skyscraper" World Tour - London
To the ones that are willing to take their chances in this concrete jungle.
And to build our fantasy.

Every stroke we made our stage design.
Every brick built on this “Skyscraper”
Along with Joker Xue’s passion towards music.
Together we build the 17th “Skyscraper” in the world.

Joker Xue "Skyscraper" World Tour - London
Let us introduce you to the wonders of the “Skyscraper”

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