Useful info for GOT7

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Please check back over this page and the event page HERE regularly up until the event takes place for any further updates.

Show Date: Friday 11th October 2019

All show times are subject to change but are planned as follows:

  • VIP Entrance open 5:30pm
  • Doors to building/Auditorium: 6:00pm
  • GOT7: 7:30pm
  • Finish 10:30pm (approx)

On arrival:

Please treat your fellow fans and our team with respect, we want you all to have a good time.

Please don’t push forward as this will make it more difficult for us to undertake our entry searches - we will be working hard to keep you safe and as such our entrance times may vary, we would ask that you allow plenty of time for us to undertake our admission process.

Our security team will be on hand to answer any questions you have but please listen to them to ensure a smooth and quick entry.


Flash Mobile Delivery

Please Note: For this show, you’ll need to display your ticket on your phone via The SSE Arena, Wembley APP. Ticket purchasers will receive an email from us with news and information on Flash Mobile Delivery tickets and AXS Official Resale – which will give our customers a safe, simple, and fair way to buy and sell tickets.

If you have bought tickets for a show at The SSE Arena, Wembley via AXS or the venue’s website, then AXS Official Resale is the only legitimate way to buy and sell tickets. If you purchase resale tickets through other websites, you may be refused access to the venue.

For more information see here.

Official Outlets

Official tickets can only be purchased from AXS, The SSE Arena, Wembley official ticketing company and they are selling general tickets (seated and standing) .

AXS Official Resale

If unfortunately tickets have sold out and you missed out, the only official marketplace for tickets is AXS Official Resale.

We strongly advise not purchase tickets from from third party ticketing agents as these are not only expensive and way above face value but may be fraudulent and could be rejected on entry to the venue, which means you are not guaranteed to see the show if you buy from them.

Queuing and Entry

Sometimes to help with entry we may ask you to join a different entry queue to what’s on your ticket so please listen to our stewarding team who will manage this on the day.

VIP will have separate entrance outside so please speak to a steward who will ensure you join the correct queue and entrance.

Early Queuing Advice

The SSE Arena, Wembley does not allow overnight queueing and there are no provisions for overnight camping outside the Arena. On the day of the show we will allow queueing to take place from 12pm.

Early queueing from 12pm on the day of the show is at your own discretion, before choosing to do so please take into consideration:

There is no external seating outside and our queues are exposed to the elements.
We do not operate a numbered wristband system, some guests may decide to hold your place in the line, however if you exit the queue at any time we cannot guarantee you will retain your position.

Keep in mind this is a fully seated event, therefore, we do not advise to start queueing early.

Bags and Luggage

Bags no larger than a standard rucksack size of approximately 35(W)x17(D)x42(H) cm will be allowed into the venue.

We do not have cloakrooms or a bag drop off point.  We advise you to store any luggage securely before you arrive. Left luggage facilities are available across London for a fee at several airports, coach stations, and mainline train stations, including Waterloo and Victoria. We would advise guests not to bring any bags to help speed up entry into the venue.

Food and drink

The venue operates a no drinks policy and food isn’t allowed into the venue. There are plenty of concessions inside to purchase refreshments and drinking water is available from the drinks fountains and bars on the concourses.

Fan Signs

The SSE Arena, Wembley will allow you to bring in 1 A4 Sign in to the venue, this sign must be able to be only shown within your own seat or personal standing space as to respect the other guests around you viewing the concert. No LED or Battery operated signs will be allowed in to the venue.

Filming and Photography Policy

For this event, cameras of any size are not allowed. Filming and photography it is not allowed as well.


We will not accept or pass on gifts for the acts. Please do not throw gifts or items onto the stage or into the front area of the stage, this may result in removal from the venue.


Merchandise will be available from Arena Square, Foyer and on both concourses inside. Please do not buy any unofficial merchandise from outside sellers or near the train stations as these items may not be allowed into the venue.

Merchandise will be available for purchase only at the venue on the day of the event, and it won't be possible to pre-order any item via our app.

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For security reasons we operate no-readmission and have no smoking areas, once you are scanned into the building you are in until the show finishes, please arrange for tickets to be transferred to guests before you enter.