Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Box Office open until?

On show nights the Box Office remains open until the main act goes on stage - 9pm approx. If tickets are left for collection after this time, they will be left at Reception (Door One entrance).

For show 'on sale' days the Box Office will be open from 9am. At weekends 12pm on Saturday / 2pm Sunday

Please note: All ticket purchases at the Box Office are subject to a booking fee. Tickets can also be bought over the phone by calling 0844 815 0815. 

Can I bring my camera into the Arena?

Our standard policy dictates that anything with a 35mm+ lens, audio and video recording cameras are prohibited. Small cameras are fine, unless the artist/promoter requests that all cameras are banned. In this case it will state this on our website. If your camera has a detachable lense - you will not be allowed to bring it into the auditorium.

When can I buy tickets in person through The SSE Arena, Wembley box office?

The venue box office is open between 10.30am - 4.30pm Monday - Friday. These hours are extended to approx. 9pm on event days. It is situated at the front right of the building on Arena Square.

I am classed as disabled. Where can I book tickets?

Please call our specialist line 020 8782 5629 for advice and bookings.

Where can I find out where my seats are situated?

A seating plan of the event can be found through each invididual event page through the 'Buy Tickets' buttons

I need to bring my medication along to the event. Am I allowed to keep it with me?

These can be left with our reception staff upon arrival.

Can I buy Official Merchandise at the Arena?

The only place Official Merchandise is sold is inside the arena (on the rare times it is sold outside - it will be clearly marked as official). We have merchandise areas in four locations around the arena. Please do not purchase merchandise from the hawkers outside and on Olympic Way - their product is not to a high standard and may lead to disapointment.

Since booking my tickets I have suffered from an injury. Can I change my seats?

Wherever possible, please contact the venue box office in advance, on 020 8782 5629. Alternatively, when you arrive on site, please report to the box office (situated at the front of the building). They may be able to relocate you.

I have lost my ticket. Please could I get a replacement?

It is possible to replicate lost tickets. Please contact the box office on 020 8782 5629.

My tickets have not arrived through the post yet. Where can I track them?

If you have not received your tickets one week before the show, please contact your ticket issuer as soon as possible. If you booked through AXS or through our website, please call 0844 815 0815 and have your reference number/credit card details to hand. If calling from outside the UK, please call 0044 1613852111.

I have been instructed to pick up my tickets at the venue. When is it open?

Tickets can only be collected on the day of the show.  If you have purchased via the venue then tickets can be collected from the box office after 2 pm on Mon – Sat.  The box office will open one hour before doors on a Sunday for a show.  The box office closes as the main act goes on stage. If there are still tickets awaiting collection by this time, they are left at our reception desk (via Door One at the front left of the building).

If you have purchased from other ticket agents, collections will only be available from approximately 5pm. Please ensure that you bring your booking reference number, a form of photographic identification (e.g. passport/driving licence) and the credit/debit card used to buy your tickets. Please note that only the credit card holder can collect tickets; letters of authorisation are not accepted.

I’m going to arrive late – will I be denied access to the building?

Entrances will close as and when the majority of patrons are inside, but the front foyer entrances remain open throughout the event. The venue box office stays open until the main act goes on stage. If there are still tickets awaiting collection by this time, they are left at our reception desk (via Door One at the front left of the building).

I can no longer attend the event. Please could I have a refund?

No, but you can list your ticket on StubHub, our Official Ticket Resale Partner and the only website authorised by The SSE Arena Wembley for the resale of tickets. All The SSE Arena Wembley tickets sold on StubHub are re-issued to new buyers ready for instant download and are covered by the StubHub Fan Protect Guarantee. Visit StubHub to list your The SSE Arena Wembley ticket/s.

The SSE Arena, Wembley is a Contactless venue. What does this mean?

Contactless technology allows you pay for items that are £15 or less, quickly and securely. With no need to rummage for coins or enter a PIN, you can look forward to shorter queues when queuing for your food and drinks. All cards with a contactless symbol can be used throughout Wembley Arena To enjoy the convenience of contactless payments; - Make your selection. - Hold your card close to the contactless reader to pay. - The reader lights up and beeps to confirm that your payment has been processed. - If you’d like a receipt, just ask for one.

Please could I have one of the display posters?

As the posters displayed at the venue belong to the promoter, who reserve the right to retain these on any given event for a number of uses, we are unable to reserve posters and offer them out to the public. If the merchandise desks are open for an event it is always worth checking to see if they have tour prints available for sale.

Do you provide hearing loops?

We have an infrared hearing system in the Auditorium, covering the majority of the area. We provide neck loops to use with hearing aids with a T switch and headsets for use with hearing aids without a T switch or patrons with no hearing aids. If you require either service, when booking your ticket, please contact [email protected] and they will make the appropriate arrangements.

Is there a cash machine in the venue?

There are three ATM machines in the left of the foyer, and two to the right of the merchandise unit on the upper level at the front of the venue.

Is there a cloakroom inside the building?

There are no cloakrooms operating in our venue - therefore please be advised that:

For security reasons, bags no larger than a standard rucksack size of approximately 35(W)x17(D)x42(H) cm will be allowed into the venue.

Customers with luggage will not be permitted entry as luggage cannot go into the auditorium, or be stored anywhere in the venue.

Can I bring my own food and drink into the building?

Water, soft drinks and confectionary are permitted. However, any alcohol will be confiscated and there is a ban on cans and glass bottles. Depending on the type of show, bottle tops will be removed.

Can I bring my children to this event?

Unless stated at the time of booking, those under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 16. If you are planning to attend a standing show, under 14s are not permitted into the standing area (14 year and 15 year olds must be accompanied by an adult, aged 16 or above).

Can I meet the band/act/artist?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate these requests. Meet and greet packages are arranged by the promoter of the event and tickets may be available to buy online

Where can I collect lost property?

After the event, please e-mail [email protected] with the details of the lost item and your contact details and we will follow up.

Any found items will be kept for 2 weeks from being found.

Is there a place I can leave prams/pushchairs during the show?

During children’s shows there is a buggy park on either side of the concourses inside the building.

Can parents wait inside the venue as the show is finishing?

We can not accommodate these requests if the show is sold out. We suggest meeting your party outside on Arena Square.

How wide are the seats at The SSE Arena, Wembley?

The seat base width is 378mm (1’3”)

I would like to work at The SSE Arena, Wembley. Are there any vacancies?

Information on full time positions in the live entertainment industry can be found at places below:

Tel: 020 8782 5618 

Tel: 020 8900 2405

Web:, Email: [email protected]

AEG - Website HERE

Unfortunately we do not offer work experience placements.

Door & Stage Times

Whilst we always try to include the most up to date information on this website - timing information is subject to change

Kirpan Information for the Sikh Community

The management of The SSE Arena, Wembley in consulation with the Sikh Council of the UK have confirmed that Amritdhari Sikhs can wear their Kirpans to events. A risk assessment was undertaken and in order to mitigate the perceived or real risk to the public The SSE Arena, Wembley requires that:

1. Only an Amritdhari Sikh will be allowed to wear a Kirpan into the Arena
2. The Kirpan must not be visible to the public and should be worn underneath the clothes whilst at the Arena.
3. The Kirpan must be secure in the strap and a particular size. The blade length can be up to 4 inches and the full length with the sheath should not exceed 6 inches.
4. The Sikhs wearing Kirpans are encouraged to declare it and undergo security searches along with other attendees.
5. The Arena will refuse entry to anyone who exceeds their stipulated size limit or refuses to wear the Kirpan underneath their clothes.

Paperless Ticketing Information

Can I issue a Letter of Authorisation for someone else to attend?

No unfortunately not, Paperless Ticketing is designed to limit the transfer of entry to other people, so by doing this it would create a flaw in the very reason Paperless Ticketing was created. 

Can I transfer my order onto another card?

Transfers can only be made to another card if  the original card has expired, all other details will need to be the same as the original booker i.e. name, address etc.

What happens if I cannot provide a passport or a driving license as I.D.?

Only state issued photo I.D. will be accepted as valid I.D on the night. Customers who cannot provide the correct form of I.D may be refused entry. If this happens they will not be entitled to a refund as all terms and conditions have been made very clear at the point of purchase.

What do I need to take with me to the event?

Confirmation of your booking

The credit/debit card used to make the purchase

State issued photo ID
Will I receive any paper tickets in advance of the show?

No, we do not issue paper tickets for this event

What if my friends aren’t arriving at the same time as me, the cardholder?

All members of the party must enter the venue at the same time. If your friend(s) isn’t present, you will be presented with a choice of either waiting outside or entering the event on your own. You will not be allowed in and then out again your friend‘s arrive.

My payment card is lost/stolen – what can I do?

If you find yourself in this situation please make your way to the venue box office where a resolution will be found. Once the customer’s original barcodes have been verified as not having already been used a physical set of tickets will be issued to the cardholder on presentation of stated-issued photo ID. Customers must then enter the event and will not be allowed to leave at any point with the tickets.

What about payment cards which have now expired?

Ticketmaster will always try and contact customers whose payment card will expire between the time of the booking and the day of the event so that a new card number can be applied to the booking. This new card number will then become the valid card associated with that booking. The payment will remain on the original card. No debits/charges will be made on the new card.

Although we will try and make contact, you will also need to be aware of your own card details and if you have not heard from us please make contact with us in order for the card details to be updated.

What is the ticket limit for this event?

The ticket limits will be set on an event by event basis, please refer to the event page for more details, this will also have been made available at the point of purchase.

Can I buy my tickets directly from The SSE Arena, Wembley?

Tickets may also be purchased in person at our main box office.Please note that the main box office does not hold tickets back for personal callers

All purchases made at The SSE Arena, Wembley box office will be subject to booking fees. Handling charges are added to some purchases.

Why am I charged a facility fee?

The venue facility fee will allow AEG to continue to invest in enhancing The SSE Arena, Wembley, to ensure that we continue to consistently deliver the highest quality experience for artists, promoters and fans


Am I allowed to smoke my electronic cigarette?

We are now permitting vaping on the concourses, in the foyer, Heineken Bar and Restaurant.

Can I book tickets over the phone?

Yes tickets can be book 24hrs a day through our AXS ticketing partner. The phone number is 0844 815 0815 and calls are charged at 7p per minute plus your phone company's access charge.

Can I bring my bag into the venue?

For security reasons, bags no larger than a standard rucksack size of approximately 35(W)x17(D)x42(H) cm will be allowed into the venue. We do not have cloakrooms.

Can I go out to smoke?

On some events we operate a smoking pen, this will not open until the main act is on stage and may be closed under the direction of the management.

Is there readmission?

There is no readmission